Watch Russian Reconaissance Ship Ivan Khurs Arriving at Sevastopol

The Ivan Khurs, a Project 18280 reconnaissance ship, during a naval parade rehearsal in Kronstadt to mark Navy Day.InternationalIndiaAfricaThe Ivan Khurs is a vessel dubbed by Russian military theorists “a flagship of network-centric warfare” – the whole new dimension of combat. Black Sea Fleet reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs has arrived at its home base in Sevastopol after carrying out special missions in the Black Sea – ensuring the safety of the Turkish Stream and the Blue Stream gas pipelines.The Ivan Khurs is a vessel capable of reconnaissance aimed at electronic warfare and coordination of other ships.Previously, Russia’s Ministry of Defense reported that the vessel was unsuccessfully attacked by Ukrainian unmanned boats – all three of them were destroyed by Russian Armed Forces. Despite the blatant sabotage attempt, Ivan Khurs continued to perform his duties.

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