Ukrainian Military Starts Training in Germany to Operate US Abrams Tanks – Reports

M1A1 Abrams tankInternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – About 400 Ukrainian troops in Germany have started a training to operate the US-made M1 Abrams tanks, a US newspaper reported on Saturday, citing a Pentagon spokesman. About 200 Ukrainian troops started combined arms instruction at training ranges in Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels on Friday, while another 200 started being trained in tank refueling and maintenance, spokesman Garron Garn was cited as saying. Four Reasons Leopard 2s & M1 Abrams Will Bite the Dust in Ukraine27 January, 18:00 GMTWestern countries have been supplying military aid to Kiev since Russia started it military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. The aid evolved from artillery munitions and training to heavier weapons, including tanks. For months, Ukraine has pushed donors to supply fighter jets. It was not until last week that the White House gave its consent to European allies to sent Ukraine their US-made F16 jets — Kiev’s fighter aircraft of choice. Germany said it would not send fighter jets but would continue supporting Ukraine in other ways. The Kremlin has repeatedly warned against Western arms deliveries to Kiev.


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