Goodwill to Open Online Store

Online shoppingInternationalIndiaAfricaMary ManleyThe 120-year-old nonprofit organization launched their online store on Tuesday with about 100,000 items for sale, advertising the new venture as an opportunity to get “select merchandise” to a bigger audience. The nonprofit already operates 3,300 brick and mortar stores in the United States and Canada.“You love to thrift but like shopping online even more – Goodwill’s online stores give you the best of both worlds with Browse the virtual aisles of your local Tacoma stores or shop Goodwills across the country – your only limit is your internet speed,” writes Goodwill on their Washington location page.The organization’s new online store—named Goodwill Finds—allows thrifters to shop according to specific designers such as Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Nike or lululemon. The online store also has items listed in categories such as men’s and women’s jeans, sweaters, shoes, as well as cookware, jewelry, books and home accessories. The online store does not take donations like competitors Thredup and Poshmark, so thrifters will still have to go to a physical location for their drop-offs.Prior to the online store, Goodwill would end up selling some of their donations to third party websites such as eBay and Amazon.”Our new social enterprise makes it easier for the conscious consumer to shop sustainably online, while heightening the thrifting experience they’ve come to love at Goodwill,” said Matthew Kaness, CEO of Goodwill Finds.The secondhand clothing industry is expected to grow about 16 times faster than any other retail clothing sector by 2026, according to a report by GlobalData commissioned by Thredup. Buying secondhand clothing as opposed to new most often cuts costs for consumers and reduces a shopper’s carbon footprint.AmericasElon Musk Agrees to Go Ahead With Deal to Purchase Twitter – SEC Filing4 October 2022, 23:50 GMTIn a study by Green Story, also commissioned by Thredup, researchers found that a dress bought secondhand saves 21.4 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, while a handbag reportedly saves 267 pound of carbon emissions when it’s bought second hand.Goodwill’s online launch will also reportedly help fund community-based programs across the United States such as job training and job placement, which should be funded by the millions in revenue that Goodwill brings in from selling donations.According to Daryl Campbell, the CEO of Evergreen Goodwill of Northwest Washington, the total revenue from the 24 stores in his area will double from the $24 million it made last year within the next five years, thanks to the new online business.


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