European Auction Car Service (Euauservice): how to get a car with good savings for the Arab market and beyond

European Auction Car Service: how to get a car with good savings for the Arab market and beyond

Cars from European auctions have a lot of familiar advantages. Especially in “premium” models and luxury cars. This is a certain status of the owner, and the highest level of comfort, and just the pleasure of owning such a car.

But Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi cars have their own drawback – this is their cost. Not surprisingly, potential buyers are looking for all options for adequate savings.

Is it possible to buy a car cheaper than the market?

If you read the reviews, it turns out that it is possible.
The company itself is engaged in the sale and delivery of such cars. But where are the savings coming from?

It is worth paying attention to the catalog of cars. These are used cars, but from unusual owners for the secondary market.

The company is engaged in the purchase of cars at auctions, where lots are put up for sale from legal entities, car dealerships, leasing and advertising companies. Yes, these are used cars, sometimes they can be pasted over with advertising film, the age of the car can also be 1-2 years.

Nevertheless, for potential buyers of such cars, the company offers a very significant bonus – this is a low price tag. Typically, these cars are sold at 15-20% cheaper. In addition, for them, according to European laws, a VAT refund is required in a certain amount. Total total savings can reach 40%.

Cars also pass through customs with a minimum duty according to the European Schwacke catalog. Ultimately, the client gets the opportunity to purchase a vehicle from a European auction, saving an impressive amount of money absolutely legally.

Read on social networks and reviews of customers who have already received their cars.

Cars with delivery

Physically, the company is located in large countries of the European Union, namely Bulgaria, Slovakia and operates worldwide.

The remote transaction format is quite simple, understandable, with guarantees for both parties, aimed at ensuring that everyone is ultimately satisfied with the cooperation. If you wish, you can visit the office of the company and personally. You can check the addresses of the offices in person.

The process of a remote transaction begins with viewing the catalog on the site. After choosing the models of interest, the client can clarify all the necessary details regarding the technical condition, mileage, equipment, exterior and interior from the company’s specialists.

Then the specialist of the company and the client choose the optimal payment format.

The delivery time of the car after the completion of the paperwork is usually about 14-20 days, depending on the country and final destination of delivery. After the arrival of the car, the company’s experts give detailed recommendations on how to register a European car in the Persian Gulf countries.

Below you can find the official contacts of the European Auction Car Service:



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🔹Website➡️: http://سياراتمنالمزادات.شبكة/en

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🔹Telephone: +359 88 504 8519 +359 88 538 0057

Address: The companies are located in Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries on request.

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